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Jacklistens – Jack In The Box Customer Survey @ www.jackListens.com Win Free jumbo jack, 3 Free Tacos

Can I win free Jumbo Jack or tacos by taking the Jack In The Box Customer Survey at JackListens.com?

Yes, by participating in the Jack In The Box Customer Survey at JackListens.com, you can win a free Jumbo Jack or 3 free tacos. The survey requires a receipt from a recent visit and takes about 3-5 minutes to complete.


Jack In The Box is welcoming its customers to come and take a short and quick Jacklistens com survey. It doesn’t require much, and it won’t take much time. All you need is a jacklistens receipt for your latest visit to the restaurant. And a few moments to spare. 

Jacklistens Survey

A right customer is always the one who lets the company know how they can improve. It said that people learn from their mistakes. The same is the case with your favorite eatery.

Take a 5-minute Jacklistens com survey and tell Jack restaurant what you didn’t like while you had your meal. Was it the wrong food quality or the meal not prepared the way you wanted? Don’t hesitate to respond if you have some negative thoughts. Just let out the truth. They have conducted the survey only to know about their pros and cons.

Have something on a positive note? Let it out. What impressed you most at the restaurant and encouraged you to visit again? Was it the quick service of the chef or staff? Tell the company what impacted you the most?

jack in the box customer survey

Why should you take the JackListens Survey?

For a company, customer satisfaction is a top priority among its other needs. Enhancing customer satisfaction plays a great deal of importance in maintaining a company’s reputation. In the earlier days, physical feedback forms given out.

Even today, in small restaurants, physical feedback forms are given to know a customer’s view of the restaurant. But maintaining these was a considerable task.

Jack in the Box is a massive chain of restaurants serving in more than 2200 locations. Hence it becomes difficult to maintain a record of the feedbacks.

So in the digital era, the company’s way of maintaining these records has gone digital too. The restaurant chain has created an online feedback form like Jack In The Box Customer Survey for you to fill up and tell them how was your recent experience.

Jack In The Box wants to hear your thoughts and make better its services. It wants to learn from you how you want your services the next time you visit.

About Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box – An American fast-food chain founded in 1951 in San Diego. Founded by Robert O. Peterson, it primarily serves in the USA. Jack In The Box formerly served as Qdoba Mexican Grill till 2017.

Jack in the Box serves in 21 states of the USA. It prepares delicious fast food like hamburgers, salads, chicken, sandwiches, desserts. The restaurant is famous for French fries, burgers, and tacos.

Jack In The Box

Requirements For www.jackListens.com survey

To take the Jacklistens survey, you must have the following:

●A receipt of your latest visit: You must have the receipt of your latest visit to the restaurant. Please note that the bill is not old than three days. The jacklistens.com 14 digit code expires after three days. The company kept the expiration period of the jacklistens enter 14 digit code to be three days so that it could get the most accurate survey by its customers. Also, the jack in the box 14 digit code is essential to pass the verification test before you can take the survey.

●A good internet connection: Before taking the survey, be sure that you have a stable internet connection. You will need this so that you don’t have to wait for the next page to load while you are taking the survey.

●Some time to spare: You must devote and concentrate only on the survey questions for the time you are taking the survey. So spare time to participate in the survey without any stress.

●A computer device: You must have a computer equipment device like a tablet, a PC, or a smartphone. One can connect any of these devices to the internet and take the survey. However, we recommend you take the survey on a PC or a Laptop for better visuals and understanding.

Jacklistens.com Survey Eligibility

To  complete the survey:

●You must have crossed the age of 18 years.

●You can take the survey only if you live in any of the 50 states of the USA.

●One must not be an employee or a near relative of an employee of the company.

●You must have some necessary communication skills in either English or Spanish. You can take the Jack In The Box Customer survey in any of these languages, but having some knowledge in any of them is necessary.

Jacklistens Receipt Survey Rules

You must abide by the following rules to submit the Jack Listens survey:

●You must only take the survey if you are eligible to take the survey. The entries deleted if given by any candidate who receives an incomplete survey, or who is ineligible to take the jack in the box survey, and then also he does the survey.

●In the survey, if you’re responses are entirely based on bias, such biased survey entries deleted, and you may prevent from claiming any rewards.

●To take the survey, you must have a receipt for your latest visit. The receipt contains the www.Jacklistens.com survey code, which is required to pass the verification test before you can take the survey.

●Tampering with the survey website is an infringement of civil rights, and if you caught doing so, you would be liable for charges.

●Your coupon is meant for your use only, and the same shall not transfer to anyone.

How To Participate In Jack In The Box Guest Satisfaction Survey

Taking the JackListens com Receipt survey is not a strict process. You can follow the below-given steps to take the survey, and once you submit the survey, you can claim your reward:

●At first, connect your device to the internet. It is necessary as the mode of taking the survey is online.

●After this, open your frequently used browser and search for the survey website on the internet.

●Once you fetch the survey website, on its homepage, a thank you message for your participation along with language options is there. You can choose from English or Spanish. Choose carefully as this will be the language in which you will take the survey.

Jack In The Box Survey

●After this, enter the survey code printed on your receipt from your latest visit to the restaurant.

●A bar at the bottom of the page indicates the percentage of the survey you have completed.

●Once you answered all the questions, you can go back and review your valuable survey.

●Now you may submit the survey and be ready to claim your reward coupons.

Jacklistens Survey

Questions asked in JackListens com Survey

The questions in Jack Listens Survey are quite simple in language. They based on your experience of the latest visit to the restaurant. The questions asked on the following aspects:

●How was the restaurant from inside? Was it clean?

●How did you like the food? Did the chef provide you some tasty meal?

●Was the behavior of the staff members? Did they greet you at the entrance?

●How likely are you to recommend the restaurant to others?

jack in the box survey free jumbo jack

Claiming the survey reward is quite easy. All you need to do is follow the above-given steps and take the survey. Once you are done submitting the survey, you receive jackinthebox survey coupons that you can redeem for free food or drinks. There are two rewards, and the same might printed upon your receipt:

●If you buy one Supreme Croissant, you get another one free, or you get a jumbo pack as the reward.

● You may also get Jack In The Box Survey Two Free Tacos when you buy anything from the eatery. You can claim this even on a drink.

To redeem your coupons, visit your nearest Jack In The Box restaurant with your previous receipt along with the coupon code you got on the submission of your survey. You must visit the nearest restaurant until seven days from when you take the survey.  It is because, after seven days, the coupon will get expire.

Jack in the Box Customer Survey Number

You can visit the JackListens.com official website to browse more information and also about the restaurant chain like its upcoming stores and more. Also, check out their official pages on social media platforms to get to know about some exciting offers.

You can ask your queries from Jack In The Box by filling out a feedback form on their official website. If you wish to mail them, you can send them your handwritten mail on


9330 Balboa Ave.


Jack In The Box Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube Page

Jack In The Box Locations

 People Also Ask On Jacklistens Survey

After my latest visit to the restaurant, till when can I take the survey?

Once you have purchased something from the restaurant, you must take the survey within 72 hours from it. After 72 hours, the survey code expires; hence hurry up and get your reward coupons before the time flies.

After I get my Jack In The Box Guest Satisfaction Survey rewards, till when can I redeem them?

Once you get your coupon code, you can redeem them till seven days since you receive them. Post 7 days, the coupon code will expire. Visit your nearest restaurant. Redeem the coupon.

How many times can I take the Jacklistens Customer Survey and claim my reward?

You can take the survey unlimited times and claim your survey reward coupons as many times you want. There is no limit on the number of entries.

What if I don’t have a receipt for my recent dining at the restaurant?

You will need to purchase to take the survey to get the reward. You can buy anything, even a drink, and you get the Jacklistens survey code to take the survey.

 Final Words

Jack In The Box is calling its customers to come and tell the restaurant about their recent experience. Take a 3-5 minute, Jack In The Box Guest Feedback Survey, and helps to think out of the box and serve you better in the future. Your review matters a lot to the restaurant, and they are eager to hear from you.

Give your honest opinion, and you will get some reward coupons in return to redeem. You can get free food by redeeming the coupons. The Jack In The Box survey code helps you take the survey expires in 72 hours from the time of the issue. So what are you waiting for? Go, take the survey before you miss your free tacos.

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