The Sad Sharks And Dolphins Of GTA San Andreas

The Sad Sharks And Dolphins – Do you remember the time when you accidentally jumped into waters of GTA San Andreas? If you were quick enough, you must have noticed a shark swimming along with you. Guess hat? You are not the only one who saw it. Other players also saw it and reported it.

But no one confirmed if it a The Sad Sharks And Dolphins. Some said that a shark while others doubted if it was a dolphin that came nearby.

The Sad Sharks And Dolphins

GTA V filled with many animals like sharks and rabbits and all. But back in 2004, when there were very fewer animals to find. There were no birds to be found in the skies as well. If we speak of GTA III, which released a year before GTA Vice city had only people and cars.

With the release of GTA Vice City, birds came into existence n the skies of the game. Waterlife also gained some animals. If you would look down, you could see some sea creatures, but if you swam towards the, you just have looked at their faces.

How sad they appeared. Developers didn’t animate their faces at all.  These animals did nothing but kept continuously swimming. How miserable it was to look at them, making no expression, not even moving. They are just swimming with the flow of the ocean.

Following this, GTA San Andreas released. The dolphins suddenly disappeared. A debate started on online platforms. Players reported that if GTA Vice had The Sad Sharks And Dolphins, then why do they vanish from GTA San Andreas.

It later concluded that the developer removed the Dolphins form the game. Although the developers tried to remove the dolphins and sharks, yet, both can see in the game. Their appearance in the game is, however quite rare.

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

But if you look for them continuously, you can spot one or two. Amongst the sharks and Dolphins, Sharks appear much rarely than the Dolphins.

A player once spent 16 days swimming and searching for a shark when he finally spotted one. These sharks in GTA San Andreas do not attack the players. But when you play GTA V, these miserable sharks are no more sad but ready to grab you.

San Andreas released in 2004. The game developed by Rockstar North. The same published by Rockstar Games. It is the seventh title in the game series and the main one since the release of Grand Theft Auto: VIce city in the te year 2002.

About GTA

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an adventure-packed game. The game has structured similar to its previous two versions of the game. The player has to play from the third-person perspective. To finish the game,  the player has to go along with the storyline necessarily.

It is compulsory to follow the storyline for the game to progress. However, you can complete the storyline at your own pace and wish.

When you don’t want to follow the storyline, you can explore the city of San Andreas, eat in restaurants. However, if you create some ruckus, the concerned authorities will grab

The game considered to be one of the landmark games ever made in gaming history. In 2004, the game became one of the best selling games of 2004. It was also one of the best selling video games of all time.

It acquired the title of the ebst-selling game of Play Station 2  game of all time. GTA San Andreas could access on many platforms like OS X, Android, Windows.

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