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PayMyDoctor: People of the USA are now familiar with QuickPayPortal, where you can pay your medical bills online. It is an excellent service where one can save time and also the patients complete information is available on the portal. Apart from this Quick Pay Portal, there is one more website online payment, where you can pay all the medical bills here. That means it is also one more additional portal to pay bills. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions maintain this portal. The service given by this portal is free. Medical bills data and patients prescriptions are available on the PayMyDoctor portal.


PayMyDoctor is a portal where patients or their caretakers can pay the hospital bills in less time by sitting at one place. The only thing to pay bills is to create an account and log in to the In this web portal, you can also find patient’s illness records and payment transactions. It has an easy interface, and the website itself tells you to pay the medical bills to PayMy Doctor. It created by an American company – Allscripts Healthcare Solutions located in Chicago to clear the issues that arise when people pay their medical bills in the hospital counter.

Pay Medical Bill Online At

By using this pay my doctor portal, one need not maintain a queue to pay their hospital bills at the reception. It helps in time-saving, and you no need to carry the money with you. By using pay my doctor, the user can pay the hospital bill directly from their bank account. For this, you have to create an account in and add your card details to transact amount according to your medical bill. Now we are going to discuss a few steps on how to create paymydoctor account and pay your hospital bills easily.

Benefits Of Using PayMyDoctor

People who pay all their medical transactions through PayMyDoctor portal has many benefits. Here we including few of its benefits and features. So the patients or their caretakers who don’t have an account can check the benefits offered by free and can use it next time.

  1. Using online payment portal is free of cost. That is they don’t charge any extra amount with the medical bill payment.
  2. People who have an account can easily download the transaction slips, medical statements and any test reports by signing on to PayMyDoctor official portal.
  3. It is one of the best online medical portals to pay all your health-related bills online.
  4. It is also safe, secure and reliable to pay your medical bills online without any delay and issues.
  5. Using a credit card, debit cards and any online transaction pay is acceptable by PayMy Doctor health portal.
  6. One can also pay your bills offline through free secure easy, and it is said to be one of the best and amazing benefits provided by it.
  7. It maintains all your details secured and safe from any third parties.

Steps To Create Account in PayMyDoctor

  • Formerly, people who want to create an account at bill payment must have the patient’s medical bill along with them. It is so to have complete details like Patients name, ID Number, Zip Code and more that helps in creating the account.
  • One has to check whether the medical bill issued by the hospital is valid or not.
  • Then check whether your internet connection is active or not. If not, make sure to activate your Internet connection.
  • Now open by opening any browser.
  • Then you will see the CREATE ACCOUNT option on the web page.
  • Just click on it to start the account creation process.
  • Now you will find some required fields where you have to enter the patient details and bill number details.
  • Enter the details and cross-check them to create a successful account on Pay My Doctor Portal.
  • After filling all your details, create a password of your wish.
  • Be sure that your password must be confidential. You should not share the paymy doctor password to anyone.
  • Now after creating your password, click on the next option.
  • Then you will get a dialogue box containing Agree Terms and conditions.
  • Please select the tick mark on the selection box and continue with the process.
  • Now you are successfully registered into, where you can pay all your hospital bills in less time.
  • Make sure to keep your username and password safe.

How To Reset PayMyDoctor Login Credentials

The patients or their caretakers in a hurry may sometime forget their password or user ID. So, in that case, one can reset them through the official site. Now we are going to explain a few steps on how to reset PayMyDoctor login details like password and Username.

  • At first, any user has to open the official site and there at the login button you see you forgot username and password.
  • Click on it, and you will redirect to another page where you have to choose Forgot Password or Forgot Username.
  • If you click on forgot password again you redirected to another page where you have to enter a few details like Username and Email Address and click on Submit Button.
  • Then the reset link to change your password is sent to your registered email Id.
  • If you forgot your username, then click on Forgot Username and you moved to other pages.
  • There you need to enter your email address and click on submit button on the page.
  • Then the link of you username is emailed to your email id.

These are the steps one has to follow to recover your lost password or user id.

Pay Hospital Bill At

USA people can now pay their medical bills online through Quick Pay Portal and Pay My Doctor Portal. This facility is available only for American people. To pay medical bills, one has to have an account in The account creation details discussed in the above section. One can have a look an create it on yourself. People who hurry and have no time to create an account to pay the bill can directly pay their medical bills to Pay My Doctor by clicking just the pay button directly on the website. Now at present, we are giving steps to pay hospital bills directly without creating an account at paymydoctor legit.

  1. Radically, open the browser and click
  2. Now people who have an account can directly access by signing into the account and pay bills.
  3. Those who don’t have the account on Pay My Bill, click on Pay Now button available on the website.
  4. You can find the button below the web page in green colour.
  5. Now you have to fill all the necessary details like Patient ID, Account Number, A 5-Digit Zipcode and more. All this information is available on your hospital billing statements.
  6. After filling the details, click on the continue button.
  7. Then you are asked for a payment transaction method.
  8. Payment of all your Medical bills can do using any Credit Cards, Master Cards, Debit Cards and more.
  9. Select any card and enter the bill amount and pay accordingly.
  10. Now you will receive a confirmation message saying your transaction towards PayMyDoctor is successful.
  11. Take a print of it and keep it safe for any reference.

These are the complete details about Pay, My Doctor. USA people can visit this portal and pay their medical bills quickly.

Pay Bills Online Without PayMyDoctor Login

People can also pay the bills using the PayMyDoctor login portal without logging in to your account. But you need to enter your account number correctly which is on your bill statement. It can be done quickly by following a few steps, and those are listed below. The process of paying bills online using PayMyDoctor without logging in is known as PayMyDoctor Quick Pay. In the following section, we are including the process on how to pay bills without signing in.

PayMyDoctor Quick Pay

The user who is in a hurry and wants to pay the bills without signing in into their account can do through quick pay.

1. The user has first to open the official site, and below the login section, you find Pay Your Bill Without Logging In.
2. Besides that, you will find a Pay Now option. So click on it where you moved to another page.
3. There you asked to enter a few details like Client ID, Account Number, and Five Digit Zip Code. All the details are mandatory to fill.

4. Then click on the Continue button and proceed to pay the bills online.

Here are the simple steps to pay bills using PayMyDoctor Quick Pay.

PayMyDoctor Customer Support Contact Number

People on paying their hospital bills through may face any issues. To solve these issues, you can contact customer support to get access quickly. Only you have to call paymydoctor customer service and explain about your failed transaction details. Then they check out the issue and solve it accordingly.

Peolpe Also Ask On PayMyDoctor

Can we change the Email Address?

Yes, you can log in to your account and click on the settings button. Their choose account settings and under that you have the option to change your email address.

What kind of access do you take through our bank payments?

We only take the access which is necessary to have the payment from your account. We don’t access your account without your authorization.

What information do I require to pay the bills using PayMyDoctor Portal?

The user needs to maintain or have few details like Account Number, Payment Account Number of your bank and SSID Number.

Can I transfer the bill amount at a time or in breaks?

You can pay your bill amount at a time in a single transaction or can make multiple purchases.


The above information is all regarding how to pay medical bills online using PayMyDoctor Health Portal. So people who wish to pay their bills online can now read the complete article about paymydoctor online payment and make your payments safe. I hope all the information provided above helps you in making the payment without any issues.

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