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Jack In The Box is a fast-food eatery chain based in America. Found in 1951, the chain has over 2200 locations, mainly on the Western Coast of the USA. Jack in the Box founded by Robert O. Peterson on SAN Diego. The restaurant chain headquartered in the same area only.

About Jack In the Box

The fast-food chain provides a variety of food, including hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken food items, tacos, and other international food items.

The chain is famous for its hamburgers, but the original food item it sold was tacos. The tacos sold by the company are in high demand too. The most appealing part of the tacos is the hard crisp and the mild taco sauce.

It all started in 1951 when Robert Oscar Peterson decided to convert his El Cajon Boulevard location into Jack In The Box. He, through this conversion, stayed focused on hamburgers and introduced a new concept of the drive-through. For this new idea, the restaurant perceived as the modern food machine, and the restaurant chain gained popularity for the same. Quick service also contributed to its fame.

Jack in the Box Offers

Here we listed out some of the offers given by Jack In The Box. You can visit the website for more offers. Also, you can subscribe to their regular mails or text messages for more information on offers from the restaurant.

  • Breakfast items all day: Your favorite restaurant no more has breakfast only for mornings. It is now giving out all the breakfast items for the entire day. You can order them now whenever you want. It is not limited only for mornings. Some of the food items include Sausage Croissant, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Burritos, Pancakes, and more.
  • 15% Off on your first purchase from the mobile app: Tired of waiting in long queues to get your food? Well, now you can order food from wherever you want. You can use the mobile app and skip standing in the line. See at the variety of food available all at a glance and order whatever you wish to. You can do it all while just sitting on the couch.

Jack in the Box Offers

What is Jack’s cash?

Jack Cash is just like your real cash. But you can’t use it anywhere except Jack In The Box Restaurant. It is a form of money that you can use to purchase food or drinks or anything at the restaurant. The restaurant offers Jack In The Box gift cards that let you have the Jack Cash all in one place.

Jack In the Box FAQs

How can I contact Jack In the Box?

You can contact Jack In The Box by filling up an online form on their website. Just visit their official website and reach to “Contact Us” section. You see a form that asks about issues or feedback and for some personal information.

How do I reach physical Jack In the Box?

To reach out to physical Jack In The Box restaurant, you can use Google Maps to find nearby restaurants. Also, you can use the restaurant’s store locator and find the one that is near to your location.

I want to know more about the offers. What should I do?

You can subscribe to the restaurant’s messaging or email service. Select any of the methods and enter your contact information to start receiving the offer messages in your inbox.

Where can I buy the Jack Cash Gift card?

You can visit the company website or check Amazon for buying the Jack Cash Gift Card.

I want to report about one of the restaurants,  what should I do?

You can take a Jacklistens online survey, or you can submit your feedback to the restaurant by using the “Contact Us” option of the website.

Are there any redeem coupons offered by the restaurant?

Yes, the restaurant frequently releases offer coupons, and you can get the same by registering for their mailing service.

Can I transfer my Jackinthebox reward coupons to someone else?

No. The coupons issued in your name and meant to use by only you.

Are the redeem coupons convertible?

No, the redeem coupons can’t convert to some other reward. You have to.use it in the form in which they mentioned.

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