Samsung Neon Artificial Intelligence Has Ethics Problem

Samsung Neon Artificial Intelligence – Samsung is a  multinational trading entity that invests in different varieties of businesses. It had its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul. This company launches various types of products under its popular brand name Samsung.

Lee Byung-Chul founded the company in 1938. The company has tried its hands in different industries, which include food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail, etc.

Samsung Neon AI

Though the company entered the electronics industry in the late 1960s.And in  1990, the company started putting stress on making their electronics products globally accessible. Soon after this, the company has declared as the world’s sixth-highest global brand in 2017.

The company has always known for its bold and unique approach toward various fields of business. The company has proven that it has a very futuristic view as it introduced a next-generation AI technology in CES 2020.

Samsung Neon Artificial Intelligence has unveiled its new AI-based aneroid bot named Neon in this event. Though the introduction of chatbot had declared by the company two years ago, there were many changes and corrections to make in AI bot. This bot has developed in the research lab of their company.

Neon is a humanoid that is dependent on artificial intelligence. I created with a resemblance of humans and also can respond to your questions as if it were a human being of flesh and blood.

This humanoid has all the reflexes, and expressions like a real person like to smile at jokes, cry on sad talks, and even show its curiosity with raised eyebrows.

This year everyone is eager to know about the latest improvement in this project. Pranav Mistry, the CEO of Neon, has given some unbelievable updates about this project in the press. According to him, Neon is not a product that replaces today’s assistance technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

It is not built for giving adequate and appropriate answers of general knowledge or for playing your favorite playlists or for operating smart home devices. It has developed as a virtual entity that has emotion and also can learn from its mistakes.

Samsung Artificial Intelligence Has Problem

He also explains that Neon has designed to interact and express feeling just like a real person. It also can remember, recall, and learn from its daily interactions.

Mistry has also explained that Neon has used AI technology in a very futuristic way. Neon has designed to use as a specialized product that can fulfill your daily demands.

It means if you want to learn some dance steps, then you take the help of this product, as it will act as your dance expert and will help you to learn steps like a pro. So Neon has been designed to be friends in need and indeed.

According to the CEO and the company, Neon has to promise to fulfill all of them. Neon till it has proven to be a chatting bot and nothing else.

Though Mistry has answered many queries, those answers hardly solve any of those questions. He has only put stress to prove that Neon is a boy that designed to act like a human.

Already this project involves a huge capital investment of 22 billion dollars, but still, this project considered to be incomplete in the event questions also about AI ethics of this multinational company.

According to most experts, the money spent on this project has hardly created any new level of futuristic technology. Instead, the company has intelligently used their languages to make promises and has forgotten about basic business ethics.

So though according to the company, Neon is one of the most ambitious projects of the company, this project has not been convening to the audience. This project has been used for making promises but cannot able to fulfill any of them.

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