Department of Homeland Security Warns To Update Firefox Browser Immediately

Update Firefox Browser – Mozilla Firefox, also called Firefox, is a free, open-source browser that has been jointly developed by the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. The browser uses various popular layout engines to use the current and used up web standards.

Firefox began incorporating new technology under the new code, which named Quantum that will promote parallelism, and hence it will support a user-friendly user interface. It is available for Windows 7,macOS, Linux based computers, and devices.

Update Firefox Browser

It has many other unofficial links with operating systems like Unix and Unix based other operating systems named as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, illumos and many other system software. Firefox is only available for iOS and Android devices.

Firefox created in the year 2002 using a simple codename by the Mozilla company. Due to its high speed, security, and compatibility in comparison to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Firefox officially released in the year of 2004 and henceforth challenged Internet Explorer in getting 60 million users within eight months.


A project undertaken by three people named Fave Hyatt, Joe Hewitt, and Blake Ross. They believed that this could improve the Netscape’s sponsorship, and with this, it will also increase the developer-driven feature. At present, one of the most popular browsers ever used in practice.

Firefox has a ton of features that have made it the most wanted browser. This feature includes browsing by different open tabs, searching based on real-time suggestions, adding a bookmark more smartly, managing downloads, and also provide you to keep your browsing private.

The main feature that distinguishes Firefox from another browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. is its live bookmarking feature. The browser also facilitates browsing based on GSP tracking based on Google services.

Firefox also creates appropriate circumstances for developing a web page. It has lots of inbuilt tools for creating a web page. It has used many web standards, which include HTML 4, XML, XHTML, and many other languages.

Firefox has qualified in many tests like Acid 2, and they are hoping to restrict the advanced analysis named Acid 3 under to improvise their versions. Firefox has developed many security guard languages to protect their device protocol. So the users might not get exposed to malware and other viruses.

Firefox Department of Homeland security warns

Firefox has been able to gather high popularity in the world. It has been successful in providing its users with high-quality web designs. It has revealed that the present Firefox users have to keep their browsers not updated.

This permission has come from the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency(CISA). This agency is not allowing the users to go for the Update Firefox Browser because the hackers can quickly get control of their operating system, which will affect their operation.

It revealed that there a portal through which the hackers get the chance to get hold of operating systems.

It has also updated its browser covering the portal, and they convinced their users that the problem had recovered. They said that those attacks had happened every few, and now the Firefox users are safe to use the browsers.

As a result, the Firefox users can now enjoy the new updated version of their browser. Their main rivals include Google, Microsoft, UC Browser, and many other renowned web developers.

At present, Firefox is aiming to keep up their previous standards by updating their versions, and by this, they are providing the users with a safe and secure browser, unlike others.

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