Alienware’s Concept UFO Switch Look Like PC Gaming Device

Alienware’s Concept UFO Switch – The Consumer Electronics Show 2020 owned by the leading laptops and PCs brand Dell and Alien ware. This year they are in the news because of their Concept UFO. It is a Nintendo switch.

It specially designed for PC gaming. The Concept UFO operates similarly as windows 10 PC. It has a generation 10 processor of Intel. It has a full 8-inch screen, and the game’s graphics provided with 720 pixels.

Alienware’s Concept UFO Switch

The Concept UFO is comparatively more significant than the Nintendo switch. The Concept UFO has an 8-inch display. It provides the feel of a tablet with buttons attached to the sides. The ends of both side control buttons are present closer to the gamepad, which is useful in getting a grip on the device. So, it is comfortable to use.

A backplate is present at the backside of the Concept UFO. It can lay down to use as a stand for the device. It uses a hydraulic mechanism to adjust. The user can change it at any desired angle.

Once the device set, it does not feel weak or flimsy. It establishes and is well built not to slip the entire time — another unique feature of Concept UFO.

The Concept Alienware’s Concept UFO Switch also has a slim dock. The device can charge using the dock. The device is connected to the USB-C port to get power. Also, the dock has HDMI ports to offer the transfer of images and other visual features to an external device.

The dock used to cast the screen of Concept UFO onto other devices. The casting of the screen is limited to specific devices only. The dock can also enable you to set a dual-screen option. The reason for this is that Concept UFO has a Windows 10PC.

heThe Concept UFO offers the opportunity to detach the controllers from a gamepad. The device has an overall sleek design. It is another beautiful feature of the Concept UFO. On top of it, the Concept UFO has several buttons to control the device.

It has an audio jack of 3.5mm. Also, the USB-C port is present on the top. The power button and volume buttons are also on top. Some vents are present on the device’s left side. These features also show how sleek and slim the Concept UFO is.

There are three hexagonal cooling vents present at the backside of the device. The fans of the invention are quite noisy.

Alienware PC Gaming Device

Alienware PC Gaming Device

Although the analog sticks of the controller are quite smooth in working. The analog sticks have a background light. The D-pad and other buttons can still be improved as claimed by its initial users.

The button present at the bottom right side is a home button. It opens up the Xbox game bar whenever clicked.

The controller bridge is present at the back of the Concept UFO. It has two latches to attach it to the device. Also, it has two buttons.

The power button and the Bluetooth button are present on the controller bridge. The Bluetooth button helps the controller bridge to connect to the system.

The battery level of the device displayed on top. It has five small white light dots to indicate the level of power. The shoulder buttons and triggers are also present on the top side of the device.

The triggers do not have a good range for inputs that are sensitive to pressure. As for the shoulder buttons, they are entirely smooth to operate.

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