YouTube Adds Basic Subscription Filters To All IOS Users

YouTube Adds Basic Subscription Filters – The multibillion techs giant Google is introducing certain filters for the subscription tab. The filters are made available to all the iOS applications. The provided filters will make the process of watching next in line videos leisurely. The option of watching a video that is auto-played on YouTube will seem less intimidating. Currently, they made available to Android Smartphones also.

The filters will help the users to watch all the videos of their subscribed channels. The user can order for all the unwatched videos also, of the subscribed channel. These filters help in presenting to the user, all of the unwatched videos of their subscribed channel. These filters are handy for those who adhere to multiple channels.

YouTube Basic Subscription Filters

With the help of these filters, the user can watch all the subscription videos together at once. They can watch the videos which they left. Freshly uploaded videos viewed with the help of these filters.


Also, in case if the user has not seen any of the videos of the subscribed channel, then they can use these filters. Live streaming videos can be viewed too via these filters. The user can also see the short length post by the subscribed channel, through these filters.

Usually, when a video ends, then the next video recommended by the YouTube app automatically plays. A very intimidating feature of YouTube. Sometimes the auto queued videos are not very interesting to watch. Individual videos are not even relevant to what the user has viewed or wants to watch.

So, all of it creates an inconvenience while using the application. Therefore, YouTube Adds Basic Subscription Filters brought into action.

When the user clicks on a specific filter, all the videos related to it will display on the screen. There are several filters to choose from. For example, if the user selects the ‘Unwatched’ filter, then all the unwatched videos of all channels will be displayed.

Also, the videos will display in reverse sequence. Similarly, all the filters will display the related videos all at once, when the user clicks on them.

Basic Filters To IOS

Although these filters are not mandatory, there are available for use on all the iOS apps. Users have the choice not to use the filters, and nothing is affected.

So, if the users do not use these filters, all the videos displayed in the sequence of fresh to old as per their upload status, Youtube usually works without filters.

These subscription filters were quite standard. They do not have an advanced feature yet. Google still does some updates with the filters.

One of those updates can be the option for the category and lengthwise filtering of videos. So, the subscription videos filtered as per their category and length.

The filters are present on the top of videos on the YouTube homepage. Some of the filters include – today, continue watching, unwatched, posts, live, and all. Once the user clicks on one of the screens, the videos related to that specific filter will be displayed.

These filters are quite handy as well. They allow the user even to watch those video which they could not complete. So, to watch incomplete videos, the user will have to click on the ‘Continue watching’ filter.

Once the user clicks on the filter, then the videos will be displayed on the screen. Also, the videos sequenced as per the order of watching. The video which recently viewed will be on top, and the rest will display below it.

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