Apple Wants To Become Closed Loop Manufacturer

In a recent interview with Reuters, Lisa Jackson, the head of the environment at Apple, made a claim. She said that Apple is focusing on becoming a closed-loop manufacturer. It means that Apple will cease to use materials obtained from mining.

A report by Reuters revealed information about daisy the robot. Daisy is a robot manufactured by Apple. It can disassemble about two hundred iPhones per hour.

Apple Become Closed Loop Manufacturer

The official report says that Apple is moving towards a more eco-friendly approach to manufacturing gadgets. They are determined to use a robot to recycle their electronics. Daisy and similar robots employed for the work.

These robots will disassemble the gadgets carefully. So, the recovered minerals could reuse. On the other hand, mines will still require. The reason is the growing demand for electronic devices globally. Therefore, the crystals will again extract from these mines.


Apple has officially claimed that robots like daisy are part of the big plan. These robots will be significant in achieving the goal. With the help of these robots, Apple plans to be a closed-loop manufacturer.

Now, the company will not have to rely on the facilities of mining industries. Some of the analysts of the industry call the vision impossible.

Many people are still doubtful about the situation. A similar condition faced by the chief executive of iFixit, Kyle Wiens. He says that Apple has become blind because of its ego. He also says the plan is impossible to achieve.

There is no way that Apple could use any technology to recover the used minerals. Wiens is right about the fact that there is no such existing technology. But Apple aims to create a more futuristic technology. So, there are chances of the plan to be successful.

However, the International Council on Mining and Metals’ President Tom Butler has another opinion. He says Apple’s decision is admirable, and it possible that they can achieve it.

Butler also questioned the fact that whether other companies and industries will be capable of doing so. That is a big question because many of the companies are still doubtful of the whole debate.

Apple informed the mining industry

Lisa Jackson, the head of the environment at Apple, reported the mining industry to not worry about anything. The aim of ceasing mineral usage will not affect the mining industry. As the iPhone manufacturers and mining industry were never competitors of each other.

That is a long comment to be made by the head of the environment at Apple. It also clarifies how determined they are about their goals. They will most definitely set an example for the whole world.

The requirements for specific material are still there in the market. For example, for the manufacturing of electric vehicles and other electronics, these mine materials are required. So, the mining industry will always be one of the beneficiaries of the electronic industry.

Most of the material obtained from the mining industry used in electronics manufacturing. The global demands for electric vehicles are rising rapidly; therefore, material obtained from mining also are in need.

Maybe the idea looks too hard to believe right now, but it is futuristic. If we look from a perspective of ten or twenty years from now, the technique fruit-bearing. to

It will be great to now that all the gadgets of Apple made from recycled resources. These electronics will be highly eco-friendly.

More robots like Daisy need to make. They will help to recover more minerals and other materials from old gadgets. These recovered minerals and various elements used to manufacture new devices.

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