Oneplus New Smartphones With Disappearing Cameras

OnePlus after rolling out a battery optimising, the feature has now launched a new smartphone. This smartphone can make its camera magically vanish. Chinese Smartphone maker OnePLus invited a bunch of media people to show off the disappearing camera of their new smartphone.

The said smartphone will be an upgrade of OnePlus 7T Pro. The camera located right above the logo seen to disappear.  If you look carefully, the lens right above the logo goes. Product manager Xi Zeng explained the trick.

Oneplus New Smartphones 

He explained that the technology derived from the sunroof of a car. That’s true. The concept derived from the sunroof of the car McLaren 720S Spider.

So what makes the camera disappear is a small trick. If we run an electric current through the 0.35 mm glass cover of the camera apparatus, the cover can shift between opaque and transparent in a timeframe of just 0.7 seconds.  It allows the camera to create a disappearing effect.

Cameras acquire more and more platforms like smartphones, laptops. How impressive it is that you can keep the camera and hide it as well. Time to show off the device in front of friends. As marked by Zeng, the phone is a perfect mix of technology and art.

Now Concept one, said device which will have this camera, is mentioned just a concept. As noted by Zeng, it required a hard work of 18 months. They had to develop it very cautiously. He said that the device is still capable of improvement. The company faces many issues during the development period, like speed, aggressive power consumption, etc.

The company is not going to bring the device to the general public any time soon. But yes, we hope that the company would make its improvements and make the product available to us soon.

Oneplus With Disappearing Cameras

About OnePlus

OnePlus Technology Co. Ltd, also known as OnePlus, is a Chinese company that manufactures and retails smartphones. It founded in December 2013. The company assists in 34 nations. Oneplus New Smartphones has built many phones for the past six years. Oppo, its majority shareholder, owns it. However, the company has clarified that OnePlus is a different unit than Oppo altogether.

Apart from manufacturing smartphones, the company has launched some other products as well. Some of them include Earphones, Oxygen OS, Phone cases, Televisions, Earphones.

OnePlus known for its revolutionary and unique slogan: Never settle. This slogan is present there in the default wallpapers of the phone.

OnePlus changed how the customers used to buy the phone. Earlier they were required to sign up to receive an invite from the company, to obtain the telephone at irregular intervals. This system was in practice because of the massive demand for the product.

Oneplus With Disappearing Cameras

In 2016, during the launch of OnePlus 3, the company ended up the invite system. On 14th June 2016, OnePlust 3 went in the sale through the VR app only. OnePlus claimed this being the world’s first VR shopping experience.

The company also launched a campaign “Smash the Past”. Through this campaign, the company asked the users to smash their old phones and make a video of it. It would make them stand a chance to buy OnePlus One for $1.

However, this campaign was for selected users only. And due to confusion, many unselected users smashed their phones. The company later changed the rules of the contest and let the consumers donate their old phones.

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