Oneplus Reveals Optimized Charging Feature To Protect Its battery

Oneplus Reveals Optimized Charging – Are you amongst those who love to keep their battery percentage at 100%? Or are you amongst those who plug their phones into charging for the entire night? But your phones happen to be not much of a fan of it.

Lithium-ion batteries deteriorate in health when they always kept charged at 100%. Such companies like Apple,  Asus have already launched a software resolution for this.

Asus phones let you enter the timeframe within which you want to charge your phone.  Apple has a more improved method of limiting the time frame of charging your device. Apple learns about your behavior and then it optimizes the battery charging time.

 Oneplus Reveals Optimized Charging

It rolled out the feature with the release of iOS 13 last year in September. It learns the information such as when you will sleep or wake up from your alarms, calendars, etc.

For example, when you plug your device in the night to charge,  the software limits the charging capacity in the night time. Then when you about to wake up, it starts to work at its full size.

OnePlus has decided to develop the same approach for its devices as well. The company rolled out this feature in the Oxygen OS Open Beta 7 software last month. It had named the Oneplus Reveals Optimized Charging feature as “Optimized Charging”.

This Oneplus Reveals Optimized Charging feature will help you protect your phone’s battery health. The feature will track the time you wake up or sleep from apps such as alarm, or it will learn from your behaviour towards the device, like when you plug in the charger when you take it out next.

The feature prevents your device from charging the device from 80 per cent. It would resume charging the device 100 minutes before it expects you to unplug the phone.

This feature will use information gathered from “user sleep cycle detention”, a feature of OnePlus and prevent the device from getting charged accordingly.

This feature is optional. You can enable this option under the battery head in the Setting menu. As mentioned by OnePlus, this feature keeps the battery percentage up to 80% and not more than that if your device is in charging or not.

Optimised Charging Feature

However, if you are charging your phone and you are about to plug the charger out of your phone, just 100 minutes before it, you will get the device at 100%.

Released in last month, the feature introduced in the Oxygen OS Beta released for the users of OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. As of now, it is unclear if the company will unveil the feature for its upcoming phones or not.

The company has also not mentioned if it would provide the feature in the next upgrade to its other models of the OnePlus seven series models.

If you are a user of OnePlus 7 or OnePus 7 Pro, you can enable the feature on your device. All you have to do is, go to the Setting option from the menu.

After this, select the Battery option. From here, you can enable the feature and expand your device’s battery health.


Once you turn on this feature, you notified about its active status on the battery icon. You will also see a muted notification in your notification panel. All these indicate that you have turned on the feature and your battery charging will be affected accordingly.

An option will be there for you in the notification panel for you to disable the feature. After turning off the feature, you can charge your device at a healthy pace,  to 100 per cent without any hindrance.

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