Royole Reveal Its New Smart Speaker With Wraparound Touch Display

Royole is all set to raise the bar in the tech world.  At CES, the Chinese tech giant released its new smart speaker. The company who was the first to make foldable phones has now introduced foldable speakers.

These speakers are not ordinary ones.  They could wrap around like a cylinder. That’s not the end, and it would come with a touchscreen display.

Royole Wraparound Touch Display

The Mirage, as the speaker is known, showcases some truly extraordinary design.  The speakers roll around like a cylinder. The speaker features a curved display of 7.8 inches. This display has a much higher resolution than ever.

It features a resolution of 1920×1400. If we talk of the display,  the speaker has an AMOLED display. The display which is used by Samsung, and is known for providing much brightness at less brightness level.

The speakers also support Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa. She makes sure that if you don’t miss anything even if you are not using Amazon’s Echo speakers. The touch screen display has made it all easy to control the speaker.

Royole New Smart Speaker

So instead of tapping the top of the voice to control, you can touch the screen or use Alexa. And if we consider the display quality, the speakers could feature some amazing visualisers.

Apart from all these, the Royole New Smart Speaker have an in-built 5 MP camera. The use of this camera so far is unknown.

However, the company at CES has pointed out that the speakers have a physical mute switch. This switch is being confused as to whether it refers to the camera or the mic.

The speakers could be available in the second half of 2020. You will have to loosen your pocket a little bit. As of now, nothing sure said about the pricing. However,  we are expecting it to be around $899.

Though as of now, we only know about the specs of the speaker, we need to hear in real life how the speakers sound to say about the speakers.

Royole Reveal New Smart Speaker 

CES, commonly known as Consumer Electronics Show. A tech show organised by Consumer Technology Association conducted every year in January. The show holds every year in Las Vegas, USA. CES 2020 has begun on Tuesday.

Amidst the tech tumult going on in the industry,  the show began. The gala featured a vast amount of exhibitors and audiences who witnessed the opening of the show.

The show will exhibit gadgets or advancements done by tech giants in the field. The show will showcase the latest devices with inbuilt artificial intelligence for the ease of the public.

The cars will have better computer visions to avoid accidents. The robots will be able to read your expressions. Not only your expressions but they will also be able to share their ones as well.

The Chinese tech Huawei is also set to launch something at the event.  Apart from this, Samsung introduced the concept of its artificial human beings. That looks exactly like human beings through these human beings don’t exist right now.

The company demonstrates any technology that makes their claims with the project to be valid in any near time. All we know is Samsung was able to design the physical appearance of the humans, but it didn’t demonstrate the technology that would make it possible.

About Royole

Royole is a company that is known for producing curved screens. The company was the first to make a foldable phone. As in CES 2020, the company set to launch Mirage, its foldable speaker that will feature a touch screen. Headquartered in China and the USA, the company found by Bill Liu.

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