Sony At CES 2020 Reveals An Electric Show Car Vision S

Sony is all set to rock the car world with Vision S. Well that’s not something you hear much. Sony known for its most famous products like Walkman, Play Station, Brava TV, and Xperia Smartphones, stunned the crowd with its this year’s exhibition.

The company launched an Electric Vehicle concept car at the CES. And it is not that old box type model, and it is a sedan model. You see what they did there, and they mixed the style statement with the upcoming technology.

Sony Vision S

But it is unbelievable that Sony is all set to battle huge companies like Tesla. The car inbuilt with all the technology that Sony has with it.

Sony introduced a Safety Cocoon with the launch of this car. It features the Safety Cocoon. It would provide the driver with seamless driving experience — the car filled with not one or two but 33 sensors in total.

Some of the sensors included in the car. Lik a high-resolution CMOS optical sensor, and a time of flight sensor used in the vehicle. These sensors, when combined, give the driver a personalised driving experience, and these would ensure that the driver is safe. SOny has named this feature as Safety Cocoon.

If we watch the concept movie, we can see the car’s interior is also maintained. Sony has made sure that it puts its every entertainment technology on the dashboard of the car. And it doesn’t end up here, the car’s entertainment system will automatically sync all your personalised data from your other Sony devices.

Sony At CES 2020

In the concept movie, it also is shown that the car would use automotive supplies from companies like Bosch. The car uses a pair of 200 kW electric motors that can make it go the highest speed at 149 mph or 240 km/h.

CES has officially begun this Tuesday in Las Vegas. Amidst the technology tumult going on, the event witnessed a huge crowd consisting of exhibitors 4500 who showcased their gadgets and 175,000 about people in total.

Sony Vision S

CES 2020 or commonly known as Consumer Electronics Show provides an opportunity for the tech Giants to come and showcase their gadgets. People affiliated with the consumer technology industry can attend the gala.

The event is not open to the general public or anyone who is below the age of 18 years of age. In the CES 2020 edition, we could see many gadgets incorporated with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has fused into these devices for better user personalisation. Robots present at the event will be able to read your emotions. They will collect information such as your facial expression, tone of your voice.

Sony Reveals An Electric Show Car

Based on this, the robots would analyse your mood. These robots could express their feelings, as well. But these facilities are hazardous too. While evaluating your expressions, the device collects the data such as facial gesture to record expressions and voice to get the tone of your voice.

Hackers can use this data-sensitive for their benefit. Governments can also use this data for polling sessions. Also, you can find marketing companies can also misuse the data in marketing.

Cars at CES 2020 will showcase better computer visions to avoid accidents. Television redefined and taken to the next level.

However, we hope that when the event gets closed on Friday, the latest gadgets released for the rest of the world as well. People will have access to these advanced gadgets. It will be of immense help in the field of Education, health to name a few.

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