8 Fire Emblem Characters That Deserved To Be In Super Smash Bros

Tactical role-playing games are a type of video game that is a clever mixture of authentic role-playing games and tactical games. These Super Smash Bros games put more stress on tactics than strategy. The tactical game operates in RPG format.

There are lots of tactical RPG games nowadays like Fallout Tactics, Freedom Force, Paradise Cracked,  Fire Emblem. The tactical RPG is different from traditional RPG, as traditional one is lack of excitement of exploration.

8 Fire Emblem Characters

The conventional RPG restricted any user from research and focused only on battling strategies that make one dimensional. The player is not able to get involved in the game through activities like training characters, utilization of different extra benefits, etc. And these drawbacks are fulfilled by TRPG.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is well known tactical RPG, which was developed by Kori Tecmo on behalf of Nintendo Switch. The company released the game on July 26, 2019.

Characters In Super Smash Bros

Though the game has been a part of the fire emblem series and later in 2007, it became the first home console. The game has made with the concept where there are three houses. These three houses have their origins in the continent of Fódlan.

The continent is in a state of newfound peace as these three rival houses have decided to put a stop on war through Garreg Mach Monastery. The player has chosen a nation they want to support. A player plays the role of a former mercenary and new tutor of Garreg Mach.

The player has the responsibility to guide the nation through a series of wars. When the game released, it received praise from critics based on its narrative, character, battalion machinery, impressive soundtrack, etc.

Super Smash Bros

Though it also received some negative comments because of its difficulty levels and some technical problems.

Recently on January 16, the director of Nintendo and Super Smash Bros Masahiro Samurai has announced that the game will soon involve a new major character named Byleth.

This character gives a gender choice of male and female and will carry a sword of the creator. And the character will acquire this sword through the precise level of the game. This announcement is a surprise which no one ever thought.

All the fans of these games were expecting that Devil May Cry’s Dante would be the next fighting character. Many fans do not quite appreciate this surprise as they were planning a role from Smash.

But the new Byleth has nothing new and exciting in its appearance as it has the same blue-haired, sword fighter just like other characters in the game through the style isn’t only just another blue-headed sword fighter.

It has some additional power too, which depended on input the player selected for giving direction. The character also has secret weapons that are Aymr ax, the spear controlling Areadbhar, and bow called Failnaught.

All this weapon has enabled the character to make a swirl of attack; it can also shot its enemies into the air through these can be skillfully disengaged with intelligent use of Aymr, which is highly risky if it used against an enemy like Marth.

Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros

The character of Byleth is not what you can call a fast-moving nature as it has some mobility issues. But the figure shows a variety which is quite an upper hand.

The character also considered having the longest and most meaningful name among all other aspects of Smash. The role has an unusual move known Sothis; during this move, the hair of Byleth turns green, and it hit the enemy with a deadly shot of Sword of Creator.

This character will be available from January 28. The role will release along with some exclusive skin for Mii fighters. The style of Byleth will cost $24.99USD.

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