Zendure Passport Go Is The Best Global Power Travel Adapter With USB-C Ports

The global adapters offered by Zendure Passport Go come with a USB-C port now. The earlier version of the adapters did not have this facility. Although, the adapter has nothing to do with easing out the hectic procedure of providing power to the gadgets.

But, the updated version of the adapter provides a USB-C port which is not present in other adapters. Like all the other Zendure Passport Go power adapters, it also has a fraction of USB-A ports on one side. But the new USB-C port is an additional feature in these power adapters.

The newer version of the Zendure global power adapters launched in 2019. The single USB-c port capable of providing 30W of power. This much power is enough to charge almost all devices. It can cost a power bank, a Nintendo Controller Switch, phone, tablet, etc.

Zendure Passport Go

Also, universal power adapters can use to charge some of the low power consuming laptops. Like, for example, the MacBook Air can easily charge using these global power adapters.

These adapters are life saviors in journeys as they provide efficient charging capacity as well as suitable ports for all devices. While traveling, it can charge up to five to six gadgets altogether.

There are no other adapters that provide efficiency like the Zendure Passport Go global power adapters. That utterly amazing as it allows for power to all the devices even if they are connected simultaneously.

Some of its advantages include the high-speed USB-C port along with the auto-reset fuse. It is an added convenience for the user. The compatibility of all the plugs is quite comprehensive.

USB-C device

Along with the numerous methods it charges, the global power adapter can also supply power to Smartwatches. The adapter provides power supply of 30W at all the ports available on it. While on the other hand, the USB-C port uses 30W of power alone.

So, that is a disadvantage. When you connect devices to all the ports of the adapter, the overall speed of charging reduces. Even though the rate cut, it is still more as compared to other adapters. Also, the devices charged, ultimately. Never the tools are left uncharged or with dead batteries.

Although the global power adapter is life savor, it still needs certain upgrades. Like the number of USB-C ports can always be increased. The number of USB-c ports will be more convenient to use. Also, it will improve the usability of the adapter since most of the devices which we use connect to USB-C ports only.

USB-C device less of a pain

Even though there are numerous such power adapters in the market. But, the global power adapter provides more feasibility and is more convenient to use. These reasons include the option to auto-reset the fuse. It is useful at times of power surge.

When the high voltage current passes through the electrical circuit for a period, then it affects all the gadgets attached to electricity. But, when the Zendure’s global power adapter used, it automatically resets the fuse and secures all the connected devices.

In the case of other adapters, the power surge is harmful to the connected devices as well as the adapter itself.

Global power adapter

Another plus point of Zendure Passport Go global adapter is the plastic covers over sockets. All the power sockets on the adapter covered with a plastic coating. It is a significant feature. Now, nobody has to worry about accidentally getting electrocuted.

It is most helpful for those having small kids. Who consistently live in fear of their kid’s safety. Zendure’s global power adapters are reliable, safe, and efficient all in one.

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